Training in Collectivity
a research about individuality in collectivity

Sound Light Color Atelier - Amsterdam 

Whenever we stumble on a problem that affects society, the analysis often includes our excessive individualism. Often we turn to collectivity for answers. Even though history has shown us over and over again that this too, comes at a price.

In Training in Collectivity, we practise (together with an audience) an alternative way of being in community. In a time where individualism feels like the only way of living, we investigate Collectivity 3.0; one which does not dismiss our individual presence, but goes with it hand in hand.

Do you think it’s possible to have both at the same time? The security of collectivity as well as the freedom to express your individuality?

We are - script writer and performer Basak Layic, creative writer & spoken word artist Julia Beth Harris, theatre-maker & moderator Mara van Nes, and producer & curator Inge Koks - each with our own unique approach to collectivity, and a shared curiosity and longing for the collective.

Training in Collectivity is an artistic endeavour in collectivity in present times and is supported by the Balkonregeling of the Fonds Podiumkunsten, produced by Stichting Publieke Werken.