Mara van Nes is a freelance theatre maker, program maker, teacher and moderator who creates interventions often in a social-artistic context. In 2017 she graduated from the Academy of Theater and Dance Amsterdam in the direction of theatre maker and teacher. From 2017 till 2020 she (part-time) ran the education department for theatre group DEGASTEN. 

Next to this Mara has worked freelance in differend projects for different oragnisations like Building Conversation, DEGASTEN, Oerol Festival, Black Sheep Can Fly, sQuare Amsterdam and Frascati. In 2017 She was the assistant director of Adelheid Roosen during the WijkSafari. In the same year her performance ‘Paradise now How?’ was performed At the Right About Now Festival and in 2018, her performance ‘Tossamossa’ played at the RRReuring Festival. In the summer of 2019 she collaborated with colleague and sparring partner Gerbrand Bos on the theatrical installation ‘Actual Reality: Voor een Mus is mijn huis een rots’ (for a sparrow my house is a rock) during Boslab Festival and at NDSM OPEN. In 2020 she started collaborating with writer/performer Basak Layic and premiered in Fringe Festival with 'The Millennial Immigrant'. A film version of this performance premiered in the spring of 2021 at RRReuring Festival online. In 2020/2021 she became programmer of Tolhuistuin (covering a maternity leave). She is one of the initiators and boardmemebers of Platform The Need For Legacy.

In the coming period she is further developing her maker-vision and curatorial skills mainly focussing on making collective work, conversations and installations. 

— Creating New Contexts

"Building on the idea of the 'social sculpture' I want to relate to the world around me by working with people from different environments and backgrounds. This way I can create contexts that are open to different perspectives without passing judgment or claiming hierarchy.

I like to work cross-subject with specialists in other areas. I see the creation of contextual programs as a new form of bringing these different perspectives together. In my own craftsmanship I want to focus on the context and add different manifestations to it. These manifestations do not necessarily have to be of my own making. An assembly of people can, together, form a context from which, for example, a conversation, sound, film or perfomance can arise"

— Collaborators

The Need For Legacy
Building Conversation
Podium Mozaiek
Oerol festival
Boslab festival
sQuare Amsterdam
Paradijs in de Polder
​Taste Before You Waste
Right About Now Inc.
Black Sheep Can Fly
Adelheid | Zina
Afrovibes Festival
Borderlands South Africa
Amsterdam University of the Arts