RRRound table
A philosophical conversation about identity

February 2019
RRReuring Festival, Podium Mozaïek, Amsterdam 

June 2019
Oerol Festival, Terschelling 

February 2020
RRReuring Festival, Podium Mozaïek, Amsterdam 

The first version of this roundtable was created for The RRReuring Theatre Festival at Podium Mozaiek. A new version was created for The Oerol Festival in the summer of 2019. The design of this table was based on a poker game and the conversation-structure was inspired by the Socratic Conversation in combination with the concept of 'Reflexivity', Which originates form sociology. Both concepts stress the importance of self-awareness as a tool to gain more knowledge and understanding.

"I experimented with images and colors to make the conversation more associative. I think a conversation is more than language and it needs a variety of approaches to be inclusive. It also needs a form of abstraction to deprivatise the personal stories connected to the experience"

Almost all the tables were held in connection to a theatre or dance performance. After a performance 10 audience members would take a seat at the table for an average of 70 minutes. The host of the table would fuction as the dealer/moderator and turn the cards. The fist question is always to chose a color that represents your experience and to place this card face down next to you. after this we start building the keystones to the conversation and talk about the concept of identity in relation to the theme of the perfomance.

The roundtable is with audience members only, though sometimes specific guests were invited to further diversity of perspectives. At the end of the conversation the maker(s) of the performance are invited to join and respond to the mindmap that the audience has created.

— Concept/Moderation
Mara Van Nes
— Powered by
Podium Mozaiek & Oerol Festival
— Thanks to
Inge Koks, Marjorie Boston, Farnoosh Farnia, Katja Hieminga, Celesta Mensah and Ya-Isha Cham