Compositions of WE (an undercover performance on Dam Square)


Dam Square/Theater Frascati, Amsterdam 

When do you belong? What does "we" mean? Why is there then also always a "they"? And how big can a "we" become?

NOMAD 'NOT NOT INCLUDED' is a search for where a 'we' begins and ends and everything in between. Wander across Dam Square, the center of the city center, and experience the confusion that arises between the identities of 'us' and 'them'. Who is audience, who is performer, who is who? Just like last year, NOMAD protests against everything that sees itself as fixed, against everything that excludes and includes, that has an inside and an outside.

NOMAD is a project by Theater DEGASTEN with performances and theatrical concepts about what inclusion and exclusion means. 'NOT NOT INCLUDED' was made in co-creation with performers who are experts in the field of inclusion and exclusion. They talk about their experiences with the 'we'.

This performance could be followed via a live stream that embedded De Dam's live camera in a cargo website, alternating with live shots from theater Frascati on which the performers could be seen while they were creating a live sound layer. simultaniously, time slots could also be booked per person, whereby the audience wandered individually across the dam under the guidance of a live audio connection with the performers in Frascati. In the end, this audience member turned out not to be alone on Dam Square and the performance always ended with a dancer from Movementalist who made physical contact.


concept & creation: Mara van Nes & Tomas Leijen
concept/text/cast: Bahjat Klaib, Ahmet Yusuf ┼×engül, Seeryz Jalbout, Maryama Omar Abdi, Truba Y.G.L., Basak Layic, Sipan Sezgin Tekin, Nicky Vroegop, Dayna Martinez Morales, Vincent Verburg
livestream & sound design: Mark Bergwerff
photography: Vincent van Woerkom 
production: Bartu Gündüz
artistic coordination: Wandana Biekram