Fire Conversations
A Talkshow during Oerol Festival

Oerol Festival, Terschelling

During Oerol 2021, Mara van Nes hosted conversations with various artists around a fire. She talked to these makers about what moves them, what they are fiery passionate about or what makes them very quiet. With topics of conversation that are abrasive or, on the contrary, unctuous, that both satisfy the Marshmallow-Brain and kick-start the Acorn-Brain.

A conversation based on the train of thought of Roman Krznaric's book 'The Good Ancestor' in which he calls upon us to relate to 'deep time' (The Acorn Brain) instead of the fleeting clock time (The Marshmallow Brain).

With a different subject every night and different guests, Mara takes us into the dreams and dragons of our favorite artists.


-A Piece of 'I' (which you didn't know yet): A conversation about identity and language. With guests: Naomi Namutebi, Erik Sjøholm, Betal Ozay and Lisette Ma Neza.

-Hidden History : A conversation about the colonial past, intergenerationality and ancestor worship. With guests: Anne Fay Kops, Robin Block, Ritzah Statia and Kaja van Bruggen.

-Through the Time: A conversation about ecological mourning and mourning for loved ones. With guests: Rik van den Bos, Maurits van den Berg, Jan Groenteman and Gienke Deuten.

-Embrace The Uncertainty : A conversation about future scenarios and the evolutionary return of man to the sea. With the guests: Jonmar van Vlijmen, Roosanne van Wijk, Ronald Boer (De Onkruideniers) and Sien van Maelen.

-Learn to Walk again : A conversation about how we are reinventing and rebuilding ourselves after a year of COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter. With the guests: Bart van de Woestijne, Jennifer Muntslag, Rita Hoofwijk and Emke Idema.


Concept: Mara van Nes & Farnoosh Farnia 
Host/Moderator: Mara van Nes 
Direction: Farnoosh Farnia 
Production: Annelie Boere
Camera's operated by TerschellingTV
Powered by Oerol Festival